Dr Pepper Hernandez



“Learning about healing through the knowledge of chakras and energies is a gratifying experience that has honestly changed my life. Not only was I able to overcome  severe depression without the influence of conventional medicine, I was able to recognize and remedy my disordered eating. Consuming an unlimited diet of  Raw fruits and veggies has literal saved my life. Now I am able to have a positive impact and even help the people I am surrounded by in my life. I have learned so many things about my self in the last three months of  time and now live in a constant state of appreciative awe full bliss. Dr. Pepper helped me get my life back.”

Toni, Westhaven CA



“Dr. Peppers playful approach to energetics and healing has given me new perspectives on how to look at current situations and feelings I’m experiencing. I’ve noticed shifts throughout my life on how I interact with people and how people respond to my presence. I feel much more attuned to outside energies and how to integrate them in my physical body. I love her……I could go on and on.”

Kerry, Garberville CA

“Dr. Pepper has amazing intuitive insight which brings you to the root of your ailments immediately for quick clearing. Her wisdom, support, and guidance along your healing journey is unparalleled. Whether you are working on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level, she will gracefully help you transform your life!”

Nichole,  Arcata CA

“I just met Dr P today and enjoyed her class more that I can say. She is definitely a bright light in this world and made me feel like I’ve know her forever! So looking forward to our next class / meeting / visit – whatever it may be”

Shelly,  Eureka CA

“There are many people in the world that have knowledge and education to work in certain modalities. That being said , Dr. Hernandez adds a special human element that sets her apart from others. She’s a special light”

Jay Mckegaven, Oklahoma City OK

“I have been seeing Dr. Pepper ever since I moved back to Humboldt and can honestly say she is the most knowledgeable and talented practitioner I have experienced in the area. She helped me resolve several chronic physical issues as well as some stress/anxiety and insomnia. Her demeanor is extremely compassionate and caring, and I really look forward to sessions with her. Although her background is very science based, she explains things in ways that I can understand and integrate into my day to day life. Not only is she a practitioner, she also teaches classes locally and holds workshops to share her vast knowledge. I highly recommend her!”

Alyson, Berkley CA

“I had some digestive and abdominal issues, and through a series of easy and some not to easy changes in diet and exercise I am back to 100%. I’m completely off of over the counter digestive medication. So thankful and so luck to have crossed Pepper Hernandez’s path.”

Justin Jenkson,  Harris CA

“Dr. Pepper offers more than any health practitioner I’ve met. Her “basket of tools” as she sometimes calls it, is vast and allows an amazingly holistic approach to health. I have seen her numerous times and any issue- physical, emotional, spiritual, that I came with, I leave feeling incredibly renewed and empowered about. Her body work, and energy and nutrition work has opened up avenues for me that I never realized before.  Thank you Pepper for truly foundational, deep healing and guidance!”

Shane,  Los Angeles CA

Medical Intuitive, Holistic Nutritionist, Cannabis Therapist, and much more