Dr Pepper Hernandez


Dr. Pepper Hernandez, CNHP, NHC

Cannabis Therapy Consultant, Medical Intuitive Holistic Naturopathic Nutritionist

Currently Hernandez  holds a Doctorate in Classical Naturopathy and Traditional Naturopathy. She is presently working on her Post Doctoral Studies DNM, as well as pursuing her PhD studies in Transpersonal Psychology.  As her values and purpose evolve, she chooses to work on a deeper level with clients as a spiritual educator and medical medium. She calls this type of work Quantum Alignment Therapy® This includes working with balance of nutrition through food and supplementation, energy alignment and chakra balancing.


“Nourishment for the Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Bodies is the only way to heal ourselves completely. This is why we are here.”~Pepper Hernandez


This type of Holistic Nutritional Counseling combines the meaning of holistic, to heal, while emphasizing the organic and functional relationship between different parts of the body. This allows treatment of the body as a whole and giving the body what is needed to make changes to fuel it properly. Most clients discover healing from within also contributes greatly to overall health and wellness. Hernandez uses raw and living medicinal foods, edible flowers, herbs, spices,  therapeutic teas, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils all as part of her nutritional care of healing.

Therapies that are used include Quantum Alignment, Raw Foods, Cannabis Therapy, Reiki, Energy Work,Yoga Postures, Mind Body Connection, Meditation, Breath/Prana, Tai Chi, Strength Training, Muscle Testing, Iris Analysis, Connection of the Divine.

“Finding one’s power is essential in what every modality you choose”~Pepper Hernandez


Many of her beliefs stem from her rich culture and background as a native from Oklahoma. She practices and uses skills of her ancestors from the Cherokee, Cheyenne, Arapaho from her mother’s blood line and the Navaho and Apache from her father’s blood line.

Hernandez spends her time as a Speaker, Writer and Activist on Health Living Nutrition. She leads lectures, conferences, retreats and also teaches courses along with traveling the world for more research and learning opportunities. Her life has been dedicated to health and wellness.

She is a Holistic Practitioner with a thriving local practice in Northern California. Currently is a monthly nutritional journalist. She holds continuing classes at Moonrise Herbs, Om Shala Yoga, Oshun Yoga, Natural Medicine on the Plaza, Arcata Co-op, Eureka Downtown Cafe on various nutritional topics.

She recently completed her requirements with the California Healing Institute and became one of the first in the state of California to hold the title as a Cannabis Health Consultant. 

She also has a video channel on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/pepperchinni for informational videos on feeding the soul. This is an ever evolving site with more videos added monthly.


Degrees include:

B.S. in Education (SWOSU, 2001)

Physical Sciences, Mathematics (SWOSU 2001)

M.S. in Natural Medicine (UNM, 2004)

N.D. Doctorate in Naturopathy (Trinity 2010)

N.H.C. Natural Health Consultant (Trinity 2012)

She is currently working towards her Post Doctoral Dissertation &  Ph.D. in Transpersonal Counseling/Psychology (2016 UMS)



holistic logoAccreditations of Schools and Programs are of the following:

American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board

The Higher Learning Commission

Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools

National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education

Professional Member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce



Dr, Hernandez  also Holds Certifications in but not limited to:

Cannabis Therapy Consultant Certification by the California Healing Institute, CTC

Certified Natural Health Practitioner, CNHP

Natural Health Consultant, NHC

Classical Naturopathy, ND

Medical Intuitive

Live Food Nutritionist

Chakra Activation Healer

Nutritional Specialist~Raw and Transitional

Personal Trainer

Lifestyle Coach

Kinesiologist~Muscle Testing

Iridologist~beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

Raw Food Chef

Herbalist ~Native American, Western & Traditional Mexican Culture Medicines

Reiki Practitioner~Light Energy Worker~ I, II and Master


Medical Intuitive, Holistic Nutritionist, Cannabis Therapist, and much more