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Holistic Health Practitioner Program Application


Holistic Health Practitioner Program Application

Holistic Health Program (HHP) 200+ hours

Personal Practitioners Certification

~ Nourishment of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

If you do not receive a call or emailed response within a week of turning your  online application,  please call the office to make sure it made its way safely to us. 707-840-6056

Please submit the following application to be considered to be chosen as a student for this program. If accepted, tuition fees set up will need to be established before classes begin.

You may also download the application below in order to fill out and mail (see instructions at bottom of page).

Application Deadline: April 1, 2017

DOWNlOAD APPLICATION: Holistic Program Application


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If you do not receive a call or emailed response within a week of turning your  online application,  please call the office to make sure it made its way safely to us. 707-840-6056

Registration Fees:

Workshops & Programs

Option A: Pay Tuition in Full 

Option B: Pay in Full(online)


Reiki 1



Reiki 2



Chakra 1



Chakra 2




Raindrop Therapy (Essential Oil)




Holistic Health Practitioner Full Course:

HHP Online = $2,900

HHP On Campus = $3,500

HHP Combo = $3,500

(All Classes above included)

□ Repeat Discount: Repeat a Program and Deduct 50% off your class or workshop


chakra affirmations


Natural Medicine on the Plaza, Dr. Pepper Hernandez

791 8th Street Suite 6, Arcata, California 95521

(Returning Students: Please fill-in your name. Leave the rest of the application blank unless your contact information has changed.)

Each course will be offered twice, so the length of the program will vary depending on each students schedule availability. If all classes are completed the first time they are offered the program can be completed in 10 months. All classes must be completed within 2 years of start date.

All applications are due by April 1, 2017. A panel of four will be reviewing all applications. A total of 10 students will be chosen for this years program. Any applicants that do not make it into the program will be able to reapply next year.

If you are accepted, please be prepared for an orientation class at the Natural Medicine on the Plaza Office (791 8th St, Arcata).

The following page includes a list of courses that will be included in the program.

(This list is tentative and is subject to change)

Course Work




1 Saturday a month

Reiki 1, Raindrop Therapy

Evening Classes

2 nights a Month, Tuesdays 

Iridology, Nutrition

Special Events

1 Weekend a month

Health Expo & Retreats

Workshop Series

1 night per week for 7 weeks

1 night per week for 4 weeks

Chakra 1 ( online students)

Chakra 2 ( online students)


Length of Program

6 Month program

On location

2 Year Program




 2017 Syllabus to begin

(5 New classes have been added to this years program)


On location

 Online only

Chakra 1

Chakra 2 (certification)

 no  yes

Reiki 1 (certification)

Reiki 2 (certification)

 no  yes

Juice 10 day Cleanse 

Cannabis Healing

Raw and Live Nutrition

Elemental Eating

Self Empowerment

Activation Class

Andara Healing

Woman’s Yoni Health

Emotional Relief w/ Cellular Memory

 no yes

Herbal Class (Top 20 herbs)

Benefits of Meditation

Spiritual Cleansing

Iridology Health

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Kundalini Yoga

Vibrational Sound Healing

 no  yes

Aroma/Essential Oil Healing

Medicine Making (salves, tinctures)

Acupressure and Meridians 

 no  yes

Raindrop Oils Class ( certification)

Practitioner Codes and Ethics

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