Dr Pepper Hernandez

Higher Chakra Affirmations~

chakra affirmations8th
“I am lovingly expressing my vision in a timely manner”
“I am living from a place of selflessness”
“I am feeling my vision in a timely manner”
“I have spiritual compassion”
“I am thinking my vision in a timely manner”
“I am the center of divine love”
“I am spiritually cleansing an realeasing old patterns of fear, angry and pain”
“My body is healing on its own time”
“I am raising my vibration and allowing my physical body to integrate that vibration”

“I am in the seat of my soul”
“My soul is in full control of my life journey”
“I release all unhealthy family patterns that no longer serve me”
“I allow my higher self work at this dimensional level”
“My light is manifesting on a physical cellular level”
“I am aligning myself with my higher purpose of joy”
“I release all judgements and blocks so I may move forward to bliss”

“Everyday I keep clear and open”
“My life is filled with energy and open to information”
” I am guided and grounded”
” I am supported in my healing process”
” I no longer need to choose fight or flight”
“I am no longer afraid to receive or transmit energy”
” I am supported with a purposeful survival”
” I am healed from all childhood and intergenerational patterns”
” I am healed from all patterns of abuse”

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