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5 Leaves a Day Could Really Keep the Doctor Away with Cannabis Juice

raw cannabis juiceIs the next big advancement in health as simple as juicing? Well yes, yes it is.

I have been juicing specifically organic, indica dominant strains for many, many years now and even freeze them into ice cubes for easy access for my daily smoothies. I have labeled bags of cannabis cubes in my freezer and have worked myself up to 4 ounces a day, at times. I am a huge fan of the non-psychoactive effects of cannabis on the body. There has been so much research done now on the positive effects of cannabis raw juicing for our bodies on a cellular level. Does it taste good, no, no it does not. However, there are some really crafty recipes I have concocted to make it pleasurable. I will be sharing a raw cannabis juice recipe with you later in this article. But first……

Of course you know, one term that is regularly used in conjunction with cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the ingredient in marijuana that produces the psychoactive, “high” or altered state. But did you know, that cannabis also contain another beneficial chemical compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) which has been proven medically to help relieve irritation, convulsions, nausea, as well as inhibit negative cell growth. Well, now you do. And the best way to get this into your body, in my opinion, is having it raw.

Unlike heated forms of cannabis— smoked, vaporized or in baked yummies— raw dietary cannabis contains both the terpenes, the aromatic compounds of the plant, and the cannabinoids, the chemical compounds which are also, by the way, in the correct portion and ratio. Wouldn’t you know it…. Raw cannabis contains THCA and CBDA, ineffective alkaloids. They must be heated to produce THC and CBD, which in turn produces the psychoactive “high” or altered state. This is the reason for smoking or vaporizing. But some people are not looking for that, and simply want the medicinal properties that juicing can offer them. Eating or juicing raw cannabis in its natural state, does not have a psychoactive effect, to speak of. Drinking fresh-squeezed cannabis juice, which by the way is very similar to wheat grass juice, or even eating raw cannabis as a leafy green vegetable is fast becoming a preferable means of consumption for many individuals in search health benefits without needing to “take the day” or altering perception at all.

I personally have tried this for years and have seen vast improvements in my health as well as noticing that it is a very interesting topic, which is gaining popularity for a wide variety of health giving properties. As promised before here is one of my favorite combos in the form of a raw cannabis juice.

Get creative. Always use organic. It’s that simple. Juice it up.

“Flying High with Raw” cannabis juice

raw cannabis juice recipeIngredients:

~ 5 Raw cannabis leaves

~ Beets

~ Pear

~ Orange

~ Apple

~ Cucumber

• Assemble equal parts of each ingredient and chop into chunks manageable for your juicer.
• Juice all ingredients until desired amount, adding high water content fruits and veggies in between
the raw cannabis when pushing through the juicer to make it easier to process.

• If you are one who should be concerned and watching their sugar intake consider adding kale,
chard, celery or any other green veggie substitute. Happy juicing.
Dr. Pepper Hernandez

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. Please check with your Educated Primary
Health Care Physician, Raw Food Nutritionist or Health Care Provider before beginning any new diet or
lifestyle change. ~Dr. Pepper Hernandez

Dr. Pepper Hernandez ND, Phd, CNHP is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Cannabis Therapy Consultant, Raw Food Chef and Medical Intuitive that holds multiple certifications, honors, and degrees. To find out more about her local private practice and offerings to our community you can and find her on the massive interwebs at drpepperhernandez.com.

Go forth, Go Cannabis…..

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